Panzer General I

Panzer General is turn-based strategy video game. It was set in WWII period on operational scale maps. It requires combined arms tactics in order to win.

Game was released on many platforms, this web offers for download versions made for DOS and Windows 95 operating systems. Also available is fan made remake for Windows XP operating system.

Panzer General for DOS

Panzer General for Windows 95

Panzer General remake


Panzer General is a video game. Its theme evolves around armed conflict between two alliances, Axis and Allies.

Some of gameplay elements it features are turn-based game flow where turns are made in sequence also known as I-Go-You-Go system. Role-playing game elements allow for military units to progress over time with increase of their combat performance. Space in which the game is played is two dimensional map further separated with hexagonal grid. Hex defines unit position as well as terrain type.

Plot is set to Second World War with many historical as well as some hypothetical events. Battlefront stretches from European Theatre with Eastern and Western Fronts, Mediterranean and Middle East Theatre and in the case of hypothetical event to North America.


Sadly JPs Panzer General and Allied General Forum ceased to exist as of year 2020.