Allied General

Allied General is turn-based strategy video game. It was set in WWII in European and Mediterranean theaters of operations. Campaign mode can be played from British, American and Soviet perspective. It was released in 1995 and this page deals with game made for Microsoft Windows 95.

Allied General version 1.1  - 169MB
Download full game, Allied General version 1.1.
This archive contains full version of Allied General with all movies and voice overs together with the rest of the game. Unzip it to desired destination.Total size of the package is 344 MB. See for compatibility fixes lower on this web page for how to make it run under newer Windows operating systems. Start the game by invoking AG.exe (Application). You will be prompted to enter players name, do that and confirm with the OK button. If you reached so far Campaign selection screen will be in front of you. Enjoy.

Allied General "lite" version 1.1  - 10,3MB
Download reduced Allied General package version 1.1.
Extracted zip file is 30,5MB in total size. It is lacking MOVIES and VOICE folders. In the past such reduced packages were distributed because of slow internet connections and bandwidth limitations. Omitting introductory movies and voice overs does not affect gameplay. Today when running old games on new computers is becoming a problem you may have better chances in running the game without some of its audio-visual effects.

Allied General cd ISO version 1.1  - 137MB
Download ISO image of an Allied General cd version 1.1.
Extract 7z file to get Allied General ISO, 354 MB in total. You can burn this ISO file to a physical disk like CD or DVD with some burning software or you could mount the ISO cd image with virtual drive software like DAEMON Tools. Using virtual drive software is more convenient because you do not need to have physical game disk. All you need is an ISO cd image on your hard drive and virtual drive software. When you mount an ISO image into a virtual drive you can install the game and if installation went successfully you could play it with ISO image mounted on virtual drive. This is because the game could not run if you do not have a cd in your (virtual) drive and some of multimedia files will not be placed on hard drive during installation. Even with ISO image mounted on virtual drive you will probably need to adjust compatibility mode for application exe in order to run it under later versions of Windows.

Allied General no-cd crack  - 539KB
Download unofficial Allied General exe pre patched to version 1.1.
It also serves as a no-cd crack and has a workaround for so called "prestige bug" affecting PBEM games. Extract zip archive into main Allied General folder on your hard drive and replace original exe with this one. Both versions of original AG.exe, version 1.0 and version 1.1, could be updated by this pre patched exe.

Allied General exe pre patched to version 1.1  - 539KB
Download Allied General exe pre patched to final official version 1.1.
Extract zip archive into your main Allied General folder and update 1.0 version of the game with final official 1.1 version of the game by overwriting an old AG.exe file.

Allied General patch version 1.1  - 588KB
Download official and final Allied General patch version 1.1.
Extract zip archive into your main Allied General folder. It should extract AGWIN11 application file. Start application by clicking on it. This should invoke command prompt asking you to overwrite already existing AG.EXE. Type "y" for yes. Patch is an application that updates existing files and possibly adds new ones. In this case only AG.exe is updated and new README file added to the main folder. If you want to update your game on easier way simply copy-paste (or extract) already pre patched AG.exe to your main folder.

WING32.DLL  - 5,4KB
Download Wing32.DLL a part of a graphics library for old Windows Applications.
Under 32-bit operating system extract zip archive containing wing32.dll to C:\Windows\System32. If you are running 64-bit operating system extract zip archive to C:\Windows\SysWOW64. Exact file path may differ depending on drive letter where your operating system is installed, D:\, E:\ etc..

Allied General Manual  - PDF

Compatibility fixes

If you have problems running Allied General on your computer you should try to fix compatibility issue for this old game. Main difference in dealing with it depends whether you have 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. For 32-bit operating system you should copy wing32.dll to your ...\Windows\system32 folder and for 64-bit operating system you should copy that same file under ...Windows\SysWOW64 folder. Locate root folder where your Allied General is installed. Right click AG.exe and select Properties. Under Compatibility tab check the following check boxes: Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 95 and Run in 256 colors. If compatibility mode for Windows 95 does not work try some other mode instead like Windows XP. This is especially the case with 64-bit operating systems on your computer. Also make sure to enable Run as Administrator option.


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