Panzer General II

Panzer General II is turn-based video game. It was set in WWII period and deals with combined arms tactics.

Panzer General II - 404MB
Full Panzer General 2 game that can run on Windows 7.
To run the game start PG3DE250 exe. It can be run on newer operating systems.

Panzer General II patch with compatibility fix - 291KB
Unofficial patch named PG3DE250. Works with German and English version of the game. Should be applied on 1.02 version of the game or unofficial PG2UK220 on which it is based on and fully compatible. Enables you to run the game on newer operating systems among other things.

Panzer General II cd ISO v1.02 - 498MB
ISO cd of the game version 1.02.

English US - 1.79MB
English UK - 1.42MB
German - 1.32MB
French - 262KB
Official final patch version 1.02 for different language localization of the game.


Sadly JPs Panzer General and Allied General Forum ceased to exist as of year 2020.