People's General

“The unthinkable has happened.
The two mightiest nations in the modern world have come
to grips in a contest that will decide the fate of Asia and 
possibly the world. Can you finish what Genghis Khan and his 
sons began. Or are you the NATO general that must recover
the world from the forces of the People’s Republic of China.
In this game set in the not too distant future you take command
of the forces of either of these nations to alter the
balance of world power forever.
No matter what path you choose you will need all your
skills to triumph. The successful modern general devises
sound strategies and carries them out with unswerving
commitment. Generals who are indecisive inevitably fail.
Can you forge a battle-winning command and conquer your
foes? Isn’t it time to find out?”

                                  Introduction from the Manual.


People’s General was released in 1998. Its setting dealt with alternate history of, back than, near future. Background story evolves around events from the beginning of 21st century. Essentially due to food shortages Russia was plagued with internal ethnic conflicts, US reduced its military spendings and China saw this as an opportunity to expand. Crisis was ignited with Taiwanese declaration of independence and breaking all ties with China. Since China considered Taiwan as its breakout territory it launched an invasion of the island. Initial invasion was unsuccessful and US ordered its 7th Fleet to position itself in the Taiwan Strait. China saw this as territorial violation and launched an attack sinking one of US aircraft carriers off the Taiwanese coast. Following the incident United States and her allies declared war on People’s Republic of China.

Introduction video


People's General cd ISO v1.0 - 265MB
Download ISO image of People's General cd version 1.0.
Extract 7z file to get People’s General ISO, 386 MB in total. You can burn this ISO file to a physical disk like CD or DVD with some burning software or you could mount the ISO cd image with virtual drive software like DAEMON Tools. Using virtual drive software is more convenient because you do not need to have physical game disk. All you need is an ISO cd image on your hard drive and virtual drive software. When you mount an ISO image into a virtual drive you can install the game and if installation went successfully you could play it with ISO image mounted on virtual drive.

People's General High Resolution Patch  - 50KB
Download unofficial wrapper that will help you enjoy the game on high resolution monitors.
This patch fixes slow animations, slow map scrolling and slow mouse responsiveness. Just unzip ddraw.dll file into main game folder in order for it to work.

People's General Manual - PDF

How to play videos in People's General

QuickTime.qts - 1.3MB
In order to have cinematics in People's General you would need to have QuickTime player installed but since this player is no longer supported for newer versions of Windows there is a workaround. Place QuickTime.qts file in your root folder of the game and game videos should play.


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