Fantasy General

Fantasy General is turn-based strategy video game. It was set in fantasy world.

The game is native to DOS operating system and in order to run it you will probably need DOS emulator like DOSBox.

Fantasy General version 1.0 - 165MB
Download full game, Fantasy General version 1.0.
This archive contains full version of Fantasy General with movies and music. To comfortably run the game you will need to make some edits first. Make sure you have DOSBox installed. Create DOSBox shortcut if you do not have one already. Right click on DOSBox shortcut and select Properties. In Shortcut tab under Target text field leave everything as is and add -conf FG.conf -noconsole with space behind existing text. In Start in text field replace existing text with the one that matches path to the location of FG.conf. Path will depend on the location of your game folder and FG.conf is file in the root of the game folder. Now if you click on the DOSBox shortcut it will run the game. You can rename shortcut to match game name and change icon to match FG icon in the root folder of the game. If you don't want to keep shortcut on the desktop place it in the game folder.

Fantasy General "lite" version 1.0 - 10,5MB
Download reduced version of the game without movies and music.

Fantasy General v1.0 CUE/BIN - 311MB
Download CUE/BIN cd image of Fantasy General version 1.0.
CD image contains game native to DOS operating systems. Burn image to CD and use DOSBox to install it.

Fantasy General Manual  - PDF