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Panzer General was released in late 1994 and was native to DOS operating system. Game title was distributed through two media, 3.5″ Floppy Disks and CD-ROM. There were differences between those two variants of the game. Namely CD-ROM version had extra multimedia content embedded to it and it required CD to be in CD-ROM drive in order to work. This created structural changes in games and required separate patches that were to follow. Also in creating custom content Floppy Disk variant was more convenient over the CD-ROM variant of the game. In order to run the game you will need DOS emulator like DOSBox.

PG for DOS on Floppy Disk

PG (DOS) version 1.2 - 6,8MB
Download original Panzer General for DOS.

PANZER.EXE version 1.2

PG (DOS) patch 1.2

Diskette 1

Diskette 2

Diskette 3

Diskette 4

Diskette 5

PG for DOS on CD-ROM

PG (DOS) ISO version 1.2 (cd)

PANZER.EXE version 1.2 (cd)

PG (DOS) patch 1.2 (cd)